Letter from the Administrator

Dear Residents, Family, & Staff,

Thanks so much for continuing to allow Henderson Nursing and Rehabilitation to be a part of your lives. July looks like it is going to be a great month! We would like to take this time to remind our folks about the summer months and how heat can affect the elderly different than others. If you plan to take your loved ones on outings, please be sure to ask for enough water to keep them hydrated and comfortable. Heat exhaustion can be very detrimental to their health. If you have not already done the spring cleaning for your loved one, please let us know if you need assistance. We like to keep their closets free of clutter and clothing that does not fit the season. Thanks again for allowing us to care for your needs and remember, my door is always open and I am available anytime.

All the best,

Mary Cayte Blocker, Administrator

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