Success Stories

success story - ms. gwendolynMs. Gwendylyn S. was admitted to Henderson Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for: Weakness and Confusion. This is her second short term stay at Henderson Nursing and Rehabilitation and as you can tell by the picture loves her nurse and CNA!

Received: Therapy services.

Returned to: Home after only 15 short days and can once again enjoy spending time with grandchildren and family. After a history of a stroke our therapy team worked on her left side weakness, built strength and addressed her balance issues.

success story - linda mTeresa had to make the difficult decision to place her mother in a Skilled Nursing Facility. She chose Henderson Nursing and Rehabilitation, and this is what she had to say about Ina Allen, our Activities Director. From Linda’s daughter Teresa: “My mother, Linda, has gone from three years of laying in the bed with her head covered all day wasting away to nothing, to participating in almost every activity they have, and it’s all due to the encouragement of this lady. And, because of that, my mom is a much happier person and feels like she has purpose again. Ina is very upbeat and passionate about her job and cares for her residents. It shows! She was the first person I saw when I walked into the nursing home the first time. She stopped what she was doing and showed me around. She made me feel comfortable with the transition for my mom. She has gone well above and beyond to encourage my mom to make her feel important and needed and she is probably the biggest reason my mom is doing so well. I think God put her there when I walked through the front door.”



success story - brenda hWe chose Brenda H. as our success story for this month. She is a long term resident at HNR. She brings many blessings to our building from reading the bible and praying with our residents to having her family bring Oscar the dog to visit. This is what she had to say about Henderson Nursing and Rehabilitation: “Tina, my nurse and Brenda my C.N.A. help me everyday. I was very depressed with my cancer diagnosis. With the good Lord and our good staff here, I’m cancer free and I don’t have anything to worry about!”