• Please remember that any food items brought in can not be reheated by our staff. We also ask that you bring all snacks in labeled with your loved ones name and in a plastic container to prevent them from going bad.
  • The CDC is requiring everyone over the age of 50 to have a second booster for covid. It’s important that we continue to keep our resident’s immunity level up! A second booster helps ensure that during the upcoming holidays your oved ones will be protected!
  • A friendly reminder, all residents’ cigarettes must be given to a nurse or manager to be locked up. The resident is not allowed to have any type of tobacco on their persons at any time.
  • Due to the increase in appointments, families will need to make arrangements to go with their loved ones to their appointments.
  • Gloves are not to be worn in the halls, or any common areas. They can only be worn in your loved one’s room.
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