Success Story: Ezra M.

Ezra “Troy” M. came to Henderson in search of hope. For quite some time, Troy had difficulty doing the simplest of daily tasks. Upon arriving to Henderson Nursing and Rehab he was unable stand on his own and required extensive care for most activities of daily living. Troy was discouraged, but with the help of his restorative CNA working with him daily, our therapy team, nurses, and all other staff encouragement he is now able to walk and is requiring less help each passing day! Troy said he has thrived so much because he feels safe and comfortable here. He said now he doesn’t have to worry about getting his medications on time or cooking his meals. He feels like all the stress has been lifted and he can now focus on getting better and achieving his goals. Most recently, Troy was crowned King of the 2019 Valentine Prom.

When Troy was asked to give a quote about his experience, he said “I feel like I have a future now because of Henderson Nursing and Rehab.”

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