Success Story: Elizabeth M.

Ms. McClain came to Henderson Nursing and Rehab in severe condition. She was unable to walk, bed bound, and having various other health complications. Upon admission she was unsure if she would ever be able to return home.

Ms. McClain was admitted to our Pulmonary Management Program along with Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy. Combining her traditional therapies with our pulmonary program, led by our Co-Medical Director, Dr. Roy Arnold, she was able to meet all her goals. Slowly but surely, she made strides in her mobility and her overall health continued to improve. A few months after admission Ms. McClain was able to return home and live on her own. Pictured is Ms. McClain and her daughter on her day of discharge. She was all smiles and so incredibly happy to be returning home.

Her daughter states “I toured other facilities for my mother and I chose Henderson because it was clean, the rooms were nice, and the staff seemed so caring. Henderson Nursing and Rehab did not disappoint.”

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