Spotlight on Staff

This month we are pleased to highlight our Business Office Assistant, Schelena Thomas.

Schelena has been with Henderson Nursing and Rehabilitation for over 4 years. She has worked in the long term care setting for over 36 years!

In Schelena’s spare time, she enjoys fishing, bike riding and hiking in the woods. She lives in the country and has a yard full of rabbits and squirrels. She has two dogs who like to chase the rabbits and squirrels. She enjoys singing and country music, which she shares with her office ladies regularly! She has one daughter and two beautiful grandchildren, who provide her with enjoyment and the unexpected entertainment of what they will say or do next.

Schelena also assists with Human Resource duties and payroll along with her business office duties. We are very lucky and grateful to have Schelena on our staff.

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