Letter from the Administrator

As the new administrator for Henderson Nursing and Rehab I would like to thank everyone for giving me such a warm welcome. It has been a great first few months and I am so glad to be part of such an amazing team.

I chose to work in long term care for a multitude of reasons. My parents had me at an advanced age. Because of my parents advanced age, I spent a lot of time in and out of the VA hospital and was always around the senior community. The opportunity came for me to take a position in a nursing facility, I jumped on it, and I fell in love with the work. I began as a Human Resources Manager, then Sales and Marketing Director, then Administrator in Training, and now Administrator. I have my CNA certification and I am not afraid to work the floor when needed. I love the residents and what I do.

I wanted to share a few things about myself with everyone. I am a mother of two girls. My oldest, Evalynn Mae, is 6 years old, and my youngest is Reagan Elizabeth, who is 4 months old. My boyfriend, Christopher and I have been together for almost two years. My hobbies include being a mom, singing, and exercising. I also enjoy being a lactation counselor. My door and heart are always open. Please feel free to drop by anytime!

Thank you, and God Bless!

Mary Cayte Blocker


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