Effective immediately, you will no longer be required to schedule an appointment to visit or have limits set on the length of your visit during the facility’s normal visiting hours of 8AM- 8PM. In addition, there is no longer a limit to number of visitors a resident can have, or age restrictions. You will still be required to screen in, sanitize and wear a face covering. This is subject to change. Please call or stop by for additional information.

A friendly reminder, all resident cigarettes must be given to a nurse or manager to be locked up. The resident is not allowed to have any type of tobacco on their persons at any time.

Due to the increase in appointments, families will need to make arrangements to go with their loved ones to their appointments.

If you would like the facility to do your loved ones laundry, please make sure you label all articles prior to bringing them in. This ensures any missing clothes will be returned to the correct resident.

Families, friends, and staff, please make sure no items are placed on light fixtures above bed. This is a safety hazard. If you need assistance with hanging it instead, please let us know.

If residents do not have a resident account set up with us and they would like to purchase snacks, please make sure to provide them with money, or set up an account for them to keep money in for this reason.

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